Thursday, March 3, 2016

Nature vs. Nurture

The following link found by my friend points out the importance of parenting skills in the crane's survival:

Can nurture overpower nature in just 15 years?  

What about the effect of inbreeding?

What about environmental factors like contaminated food, soil, water, and air, GMO, magnetic disturbance, and climate change?  It's not only the crane that is dying off.  

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Operation Migration

What a heartwarming and exciting story I just heard on the NPR/PBS radio on my way home from work!  A small aircraft teaching the Whooping Crane that grew up in captivity/sanctuary how to migrate?

To see how a chick learns to forage and ... eventually fly in a flock following an aircraft, please go to the following link and click on the "Watch video" link on the homepage:

Their migration with human intervention is a success story.  However, their breeding has not been, and as a result, the cranes remain near extinction, according to the NPR news story.  The exact cause is unknown. And probably because of that, the operation has been discontinued.

Still a fascinating story.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Charms of Tochigi Prefecture: Giant Wisteria, Nikko, a Festival, Hot Springs, Fall Colors, and More

That's the most gorgeous wisteria I have ever seen!

Those pictures made me moan.  I have been to some of the same places--Nikko Tosho Shirine and the Ashikaga Flower Park.  We need to arrange a "Ichigo gari" or "Blueberry gari" (my sister's favorite) trip.

Thank you, Alex!!

I hope to post my pictures from the last summer's trip before this year is over.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Fond Memories from 2014

Visiting a Friend in Pismo Beach

Sunset view from a bedroom

Arigato, Tae-chan

cliff-loving doggie
Shiro completely disappeared momentarily.

Cozy room at Half Moon Bay Inn

New basket for my ride.

Pay attention, Mommy.

Colorful flock

Delicious sushi and pickles

Sunrise in the Marina

Getting ready for the King Tut festival!

A nursery in Half Moon Bay

Kumquat in the backyard

Pretty nice view

Christmas in Auburn

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Beloved Dog Lucy

Sweet Lucy, have you reached doggie nirvana?

After some rest, will you run around again as in your sweet youth? 

So mellow you were that Shiro forgot a conflict.

Only your sweetness remains to taste.

We will raise a glass to your memory.    

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wishes for Aska

"Sharing moments happy and sad, we walk this same path of time, weaving stories together...

hoping to relay this heart someday to someone far, far away into the future."

Enjoy a life of freedom with caution because we look forward to a new live concert. 

"There will be a time no one will recognize us, just like we don't know
the people of an ancient time..."

Please write another song.  You enrich the lives of so many people on Earth in a way only you can. 

Thank you.